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Flat Roof Repair Specialist service in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Flat roof repairs.

Say Flat Roof and the normal reaction is head in hands! Problem leaks and damage to the interior - Why?

The most common way is to re-roof , asphalt flat roof or bitumen have a limited life span due to rapid deterioration caused by the dreaded English weather, yet people continue to renew felt with more due to the lack of alternative flat roofing products.

Flat Solutionn Newcastle.

Over the past few years more flat roof house owners are realising that EPDM rubber membrane is the modern solution for a leaking flat roof.

Handyman Roofing in Newcastle can offer you this option, with fantastic results. let me explain.

The new all cold process ensures quick fitting and one seamless rubber roof.

Boots, gloves, diving suits etc, have proven that rubber is the first impervious product that is totally waterproof. EPDM flexes and resists temperature changes, is totally resistant to atmospheric pollution, unaffected by UV light or ozone and extremely robust to puncture.

Unlike bituminous substances it does not crack, peel or become brittle with age, which has been proven with its use in sub zero temperatures in the Artic to the blistering hot climate in the Middle East. These facts make EPDM rubber flat roof membranes the best solution to fix a flat roof structure. Ideal for flat roofs of any kind.

Forget about flat roof problems for good as epdm rubber has a life expectancy of 30 to 50 years.

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Our Handyman is used to all the small jobs that needs to be done, typical examples of the jobs we are asked to do, are, assemble Flat Pack Furniture, or repair Fencing and Decking, maybe replace a damaged Brick, we are often asked to put up a Curtain pole, repair leaky Taps install a new light switch touch up Paint, here and there, or Mow the Lawn.

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